Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I was out with my friend Emily this weekend and we ended up at Amelie, catching up on old times with some quality wines and company. It was one of those spontaneous discourse sessions - the kind you'll want to remember if you get old. The evening's nostalgia inspired more than just one blog entry.

I've been there before and its actually one of my favorite wine spots in SF. The wine selection is good, and they don't over-do the California thing. You'll find plenty of vino from Europe on the list. Don't miss the Gewurtzraminer - a bit fizzy and not too sweet, definitely delicious. And the menu is pretty sweet - try some of the goat cheese and honey crostini with your glass.

You'll also find plenty of boys from Europe behind the bar. Did I mention that one of the selling points it the charming, sweet and metro attractive wait staff?

Amelie's definitely got ambiance going for it. Its a bit more upscale and high energy than Hidden Vines or Bar Johnny, and gets so busy during happy hour that its standing room only. But you won't mind - pretty people fill the place up and you may meet someone new and exciting! Just one warning - the bathroom door doesn't lock.

1754 Polk Street @ Washington
San Francisco