Friday, September 16, 2011

Living MacTavish

My friend Susan throws amazing house parties.

Those lucky enough to be invited are always delighted by her whimsical, classy and real (read: elegant but unpretentious) style. Everything from her constantly-changing menu of home-cooked multi-course fare to the finer details like cocktail labels made out of vintage tie-on tags. Not to mention her equally enticing mix of friends. She's like Martha Stewart, but way more hip/sophisticated/fab - and less prone to insider trading.

The thing I admire most is that Susan makes it all look effortless. Whether connecting friends from different parts of her life, making oyster shucking look sexy, or whipping up a salt cod brandade using whatever she has on hand, she's a natural at hosting and connecting interesting people. It's no surprise she runs the 'best' PR firm in town.

The good news? You too can aspire to replicate parts of Susan's wonderful style - just check out Living MacTavish. Add it to your blog list - for awesome recipes, trendy style tips, cute home decor and hosting ideas, and really hilarious commentary on what WASPs would - or wouldn't - do.