Tuesday, October 2, 2012

SF wine bar faves: Bacchus

Im sharing one of my top secret SF favorite spots. The best wine bar in Russian Hill.


Now that the secret's out, let me explain the superlative. Bacchus is in a tiny niche on the trolley car-passed, fairy light-lined part of Hyde street. Its cozy and filled with locals on a Saturday night. The owner is equally cozy and local- Bodhi is a norcal fixture and just a cool dude. And the wine selection is great. Just watch for exploding champagne glasses! ;o)

The neighborhood feel of the place is wonderful. Last weekend, we enjoyed a bread pudding from Frascati down the road. . . which the host hand-carried to Bacchus, replete with silverware. Ate it up with an amazing madeira that Bodhi had on hand, and enjoyed it to a a patron-curated playlist of techno, Beastie Boys and Radiohead.

Check it out. This is a quintessentially SF wine bar that offers an amazingly local feel.

1954 Hyde Street
San Francisco CA 94109