Saturday, March 14, 2009

Good Bites Pt 1: Fire Cracker Balls

Tucked around San Francisco are individual dishes that deserve some limelight. So I'm going to show them some love with a solo appearance on this page. And you should show them some love by ordering them when you're next in their 'hood.

We start our series with a sketchily titled, but unquestionably delicious, dish in Hayes Valley. Fire cracker balls (above left). That's right. They're on the menu at Domo Sushi, Hayes' boutique neighborhood sushi joint.

What is it you ask? Delicious, first off. It's a spicy tuna roll, coated in panko bread crumbs , fried lightly, and then covered in a mouth watering combination of spicy mayo, bbq unagi sauce, and scallions. And just to put it over the top, it's then dusted lightly with tobiko. Not something your doctor would recommend, but trust me - it's gonna make your tummy really happy.

Domo Sushi
511 Laguna St
San Francisco