Friday, June 13, 2008

A French Fry Tour of SF

French fries are amazing. Simple, diverse, sinfully fried, and incredibly unhealthy these little golden bites are high up on my list of comfort foods. I've got two french fry havens you really must try here in San Francisco. And it's not an obvious list - so don't expect to read about Frijtz!

The first I found unexpectedly at my neighborhood bar, Bar Johnny. They're these delightlfully crispy garlic truffle fries. I like my fries cut thin and crispy, and these really are. Plus they have this awesome mushroomy taste and smell. Just don't plan on making out with anyone after you eat a bowl (most likely two) of them. You can find me here on a random weeknight, gossiping with girlfriends, sipping a spicy shiraz, and chowing on these.

The second dish of french fries is a twist on a North African flavor profile which I love - smoked chillis and harissa. Tucked into the side dish listing at Nua on some lucky weekend evenings, these harissa fries are awesome. They're also cut thin and fried crip, Belgian style - but they're also sprinkled in a smokey-sweet paprika and come served up with a harissa aioli that makes my mouth want to sing. In deference to Nua's windows, I resisted the urge! But these fries are worth a repeat visit.

Just remember to go for a long run after you eat all of these. . .

Bar Johnny
2209 Polk St
San Francisco
(415) 268-0140

550 Green St
San Francisco
(415) 433-4000

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cat said...

check out the fries (not to mention the delicious beer) at monk's kettle (16th between valencia and guerrero). their chipotle ketchup changed my mind about ketchup and the fries are thin, fresh and delicious!