Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Thanksgiving Menu

A hodge podge of fancy new recipes and tried and true traditional favorites:

Aperitif: Fresh cranberry cosmos
Appetizer 1: Bacon-wrapped, goats-cheesed stuffed dates
Appetizer 2: Pistachio arancini with cranberry sauce

Wine 1: Prosecco!
Course 1: Butternut squash soup with ginger cream
Side 1: Indian handvo

Wine 2: Greener Planet Tempranillo-Grenache
Course 2: Roast turkey a la Anderson ! (friends are bringing the bird, using their family recipe)
Sauce 1: Apple cider gravy
Side 2: Homemade green bean casserole
Side 3: Mixed indian dahl with chickpeas and red kidney beans
Side 4: Basil rice pilaf

Wine 3: Fritz Zinfandel
Course 3: Spice crusted pork tenderloin
Sauce 2: Mustard tarragon sauce
Side 5: Chestnut, apple and leek bread stuffing
Side 6: Roasted white and red sweet potatoes with fried sage and honey butter

Dessert: Pie assortment !

Looking forward to the cooking and eating . . .

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours !