Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New food blog! (but keep reading this one too)

So the posts up here have been pretty sparse lately. I have a good excuses. Let's just say it involves hospitals and a few painful incisions.

But, I'm back to blogging and have an exciting announcement! Continuing the great family tradition of sharing favorite food tidbits, my cousin Hima Bindu has decided to start her own food blog. Awesome! And it certainly has such aspirations (of awesomeness).

By way of background, Hima has a background in the restaurant business and has been a lifelong foodie. She's possibly more into adventurous eating and cooking experimentation than I am. Her foray into gastro-writing is titled "Dewdrop Recipes." Hint: it's related to the western translation of her name.

Admittedly, the blog is just getting off the ground. So feel free to send Hima suggestions on future posts, layout, URLs, etc.

So, if you're not getting your fill of Mylavarapu food posts here at Global Glutton, check out Dewdrop Recipes. . . just make sure you come back here to read the next post!


Hima said...

thank you Swati!!

SF Catering said...

I love your blogs. I do catering in San Francisco and read them all the time