Thursday, August 26, 2010


The debate over SF's best pizza spot rages on, and there are quite a few new contenders to add to the mix.

I won't opine here on where the best pie resides, but I can tell you that one of SF's newest pizza places has other reasons to visit: the starters and desserts.

Zero Zero, Bruce Hill's new SOMA spot, is the place to visit. The starters to order: try their watermelon salad starter, as well as the padron pepper poppers (say that three times fast). The latter are especially addictive. You can check out the entire menu here.

I'll give you another hint: the house red wine is the best glass on the list. Use it to wash down the many scrumptious pizza options.

But the real show stealer on this menu, as far as I'm concerned, is dessert. It comes in a simple, unassuming white cup. And it sounds deceptively simple - drive-through style soft serve. The difference? It's particularly creamy and rich, and dressed elegantly with olive oil and sea salt. Get two spoons, since it's even more delicious shared. Just make sure you try it!

Zero Zero
826 Folsom Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 348-8800

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Vivek Patel said...

I went here last week, and *loved* the dessert as well. Nice find!