Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Indo Snack Attack: Roomali

I have a new favorite sandwich shop. It's not what you think - no mouth watering kosher deli, not an italian hogie joint. It's actually Indian. I know, I'm still a bit surprised at that too. Roomali specializes in wraps of Indian flavor, rolled into - you guessed it - a roomali roti. They're scrumptious. Too bad the NYT's Julia Moskin missed this jewel among sandwich shops.

The only drawback? It's nestled in midtown New York, all the way across the country.

Roomali rotis, fyi, are a special type of roti that's large and super thin, almost like a handkerchief. Roomali makes theirs a bit thicker, just a touch thicker and chewier - and certainly more flavorful - than a burrito tortilla. For you brave folk, you can try to make these at home using this recipe, but half the secret's in your roti throwing technique - you may need this instructional video too.

But the real magic here is in Roomali's sandwich fillings. They're unusual - egg and reshmi kebab, chicken tandoori, chickpeas and potatoes, super spicey paneer. So many to choose from! I recommend the kebab, and the chili paneer ones. Each is accompanied by the crunch of raw onions and tomatoes. And some flaming cilantro sauce coupled with cooling raita too. A veritable Indian meal rolled into one. Not to mention, the menu is vegetarian friendly.

A wrap will set you back about $4, and theyre small enough that you'll want 2. Feeling really nostalgic for India? Get a glass of chai with it too. . . and you can practic your Hindi in Roomali's Curry Hill neighborhood too!

97 Lexington Ave
New York, NY 10016
(212) 679-8900


David said...

This place has been yummy for years!

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