Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Best dumplings on the planet

The best dumplings on the planet are made by a Taiwanese franchise called Din Tai Fung. Lucky for you, you can find this veritable temple of East Asian delights in 10 countries and territories around the world. Including the US.

I had my first hit in Shanghai in July and returned to Hong Kong for subsequent fixes. Ok, I'm not actually so badly addicted - I didn't actually travel 6000 miles for a dumpling. But I would entertain a road trip from SF to Arcadia since there's a new Din Tai Fung down there - any takers? . . .

So what exactly is so addictive about this place? One dish sums it up: truffled pork dumplings. Din Tai Fung's specialty is their Shanghai-style soup dumplings, called xiaolongbao. Some genius that works in their kitchens had the creative insight to imagine what would happen if she added the most delectable of Western cuisine's flavors into the delicate liquid-laden bites. And she absolutely struck gold. Order the truffled pork dumplings. Actually, go ahead and get two orders because you won't be able to stop after the first 5 pieces.

So find a Ding Tai Fung near you. Prepare for total dumpling delight (see picture below).

Din Tai Fung
Store #1,1108 S. Baldwin Ave
Arcadia, CA 91007

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Rachelle said...

I didn't know there were Din Tai Fung's in the US! I eat there all the time in China...