Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The name of this joint says it all: TACOLICIOUS, an amazing (relatively) new taco spot in SF. But it's not in the Mission.

All you Marina dwellers, there's now one more reason not to leave your northern strip of the city: delicious tacos at Tacolicious. The rock cod was my personal favorite - buttery chunks of fit deep fried in a fluffy on the inside-crispy on the outside batter, all on top of tasy corn tortillas with a light remoulade. Scrumptious! I'm told the carnitas tacos are pretty irresistible, too.

Make sure you try the variety of salsas, too. Hot, medium and mild in a bright splash of colors. I won't tell you which color's which, but suffice to say it's not entirely intuitive. . .

Just one note: good company is a necessary ingredient to survive the Marina crowds at this spot. Good thing I got my fix with Garron and Christin.

2031 Chestnut St
San Francisco CA 94123

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